The Project

The SALAM (Subalpine and Alpine Languages and Migrations) research project stems from the desire to better delineate the migratory phenomena that have interested the western Alpine and Subalpine area from a linguistic point of view. Language represents communication, a chance of meeting and an instrument for peace: languages and dialects carry the traces of these numerous and frequent encounters (sometimes clashes). With new words there has been a movement of innovations, in both technological and philosophical fields, in a dynamic of continuous enrichment. The linguistic perspective needs to broaden to also consider the history of the communities, their social structure, and the rules given to manage the presence of foreigners, both in the past and in present days. The Alps, which have become an insurmountable border for many people today, have originally been a place of meeting and exchange, in close connection with the surrounding plains and cities. The starting stage will be the creation of a bibliographical database of: a) linguistic and cultural studies on the topic (trade jargons on both sides of the Alpine region, with special attention to the Po Valley) b) historical studies concerning seasonal and long-lasting migrations within the area; c) evolution of juridical forms adopted to manage the presence and integration of migrants and foreigners, from the late Middle Ages to Modern times.

Research Group

University of Turin / Università di Torino
Department of Humanities / Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici



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Subalpine and Alpine Languages and Migration (SALAM)